45KT28 oblique view.

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If you enlarge the images of beads, you will see that the designs in the two upper left specimens have been made using a different technique and different tool then the others.

Dentalium scale bar is 1 cm.
Click on individual beads to enlarge.


45KT26 is a cemetery on a sandy point overlooking Quilomene Rapids, at the southern end of Quilomene Bar (see KT28 report, Figure 3). It was extensively looted in the first half of the 20th Century. When David Rice and I (CMN) visited it briefly in 1960, there were few surface signs among the windblown sands. However, in one place we did find a handful of dentalium beads, which are shown below. Most were incised with designs similar to those on the pins from Cultural Component VIIC at 45KT28 (see KT28 report, Figure 83).


The magnificent "blade" pictured above is the only other specimen I have seen from 45KT26. It appears here courtesy of Fred van Ronk.

POSTED: 16 JUN 2016