45KT28 oblique view.

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The purpose of these web pages is to provide easy access to information about the Sunset Creek Archaeological Site (45KT28) situated on the west bank of the Columbia River a few miles north of Vantage, Washington (USA).

In the context of Plateau prehistory, Sunset Creek is significant for three reasons.

1) It provides an anchor sequence of more than 6,000 years at one site under one set of geographic and environmental conditions - of which there are far too few along the middle reaches of the Columbia River.

2) This sequence was the basis for formulating a number of hypotheses about Plateau prehistory, some of which are still being discussed in the classroom and the literature more than 40 years after their publication.

3) The record recovered from the last 1,800 years of occupation at the site is rich and diverse, providing a wonderful setting in which to illustrate and explore the culture and history of the people who lived in the region and managed its ecology for all those years.

On this web site, you will find reprints of the original research articles on the materials from 45KT28, previously unpublished sections and notes, supplementary pages with annotated photographs of the original excavation and many of the artifacts, and the original site catalog.

The Wanapum Repository houses the collections from 45KT28. It is hoped these pages will help them display and interpret materials from the site.

Material Added Recently:
   07 Oct 2019. High resolution version of Figure 105.
   21 Jly 2019. Flake from edge of jade adze, Cayuse Phase.
   27 Oct 2018. Additional flaked bone tools from the Cayuse Phase.
   21 Oct 2018. VIIH, Cayuse III Subphase, matching opal points, Type 6A.
   21 Oct 2018. VII-I, Cayuse III Subphase, barb from salmon spear or harpoon.
   18 Oct 2018. Bilaterally barbed antler point from VII-I, Cayuse III Subphase.
   18 Oct 2018. Photo of incised rib pendant from VIIG, Cayuse II Subphase.
   16 Oct 2018. Photos of incised antler pin from VIIC, Cayuse I Subphase.
   16 Oct 2018. Photo of bird bone bead from VII-I,Cayuse III Subphase.
   14 Oct 2018. Bifaces from CCI, Vantage Phase.
   13 Oct 2018. Photo of antler comb from VIIH.
   12 Oct 2018. Photo of antler pendant from VIIA.
   12 Oct 2018. Point of Type 6C converted into a spokeshave.
   11 Oct 2018. Photo of possible elk tooth pendant from CC VIID added.
   11 Oct 2018. Photos added to the Excavation Gallery, incl. a House Pit 7 profile.
   08 Oct 2018. Photos & test pit diagram added to the Excavation Gallery.
   06 Oct 2018. Two images added to the 45KT26 Gallery.
   05 Oct 2018. Four images added to the Setting Gallery.
   05 Oct 2018. UofW Excavations added to Cayuse Phase introduction.
   04 Oct 2018. Artifact images from Cayuse III Subphase.
   27 Sep 2018. Artifact images from Cayuse I & II Subphases.
   09 Sep 2018. Artifact images from Frenchman Springs Phase assemblges.
   08 Sep 2018. Color image of artifacts from the Vantage Phase assemblges.
   08 Sep 2018. Image of early, middle and late Quilomene Bar Phase assemblges.
   07 Sep 2018. Color image of a steatite pendent.
   06 Sep 2018. Color images of gambling bones.
   04 Sep 2018. Photo of CCI stratigraphy added to Vantage Phase page.
   20 Aug 2018. Header image revised for Bone & Antler Artifacts.
   11 Aug 2018. Illustrations added to Figure 7 of the main report.