Not Above You, Not Beneath You, But With You ...  We mean it. We live by it. You can too.

If you live in the vicinity of Arlington, Massachusetts, you should consider joining our club. We meet twice a month to visit, listen and plan over dinner. Better yet, we have a lot of good times together helping other people. We raise funds for eye research and to help the blind. We provide community services, such as free eye examinations, and we promote the social skills and character of our youngsters through our voluntary school programs.

The Lions International family, which includes thousands of clubs and millions of people, makes it possible to network with like-minded folk all over the world. When you join our club, you will become a part of a much larger community. You will make good friends for life here in our local community and also acquire the ability to reach out to other Lions in communities everywhere.

Joining the Lions is not expensive. We are interested in your commitment to community service, not your money. To get a better idea of what that service might involve, look at our activities page.

If you would like to explore joining the Lions, we would be happy to consider sponsoring you. Just contact any of our officers to arrange an invitation to one of our meetings.

Yours in Lionism, The Arlington Lions Club

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