The Tokens of Afu Ra

1991, 1993 by Charles M. Nelson

It is said that Set, after he had dismembered and scattered the body of Osiris, desired to snare the souls of all who spake not the truth in their lives. To this end he created a great magic within the Taut. As Afu Ra stood beyond the Fifth Gate, Set made five protean knots in the Measuring Cord of the Gods, dividing it into Six Sheaves, each containing Six Stalks of Papyrus. Thus folded upon itself, it bound and separated the Twelve Gods of the Cord, who stand at the Right Hand of Afu Ra, so they could not measure the words which come from the mouths of men nor stay their passage through the Sixth Gate, beyond which Set stood silently within the Hall of Judgment, cloaked in the Shadow cast by the fire in the Eye of Nebtata, the Serpent who guards the Sixth Gate. There Set offered the souls of men sheaves of papyrus. Those who could not perceive the truth of his offering thought the sheaves to be wheat, the food of immortal truth, and were destined to his eternal service. Thus, Set ensnared the souls of men before they came before Sar and the Nine Gods of Judgment.

And, in the World of Men, Set caused temples to be builded to his sacred image, and he spake to living men through the mouths of his priests that they would know Him when they passed through the Sixth Gate, seeing in his hands all that they hoped for when yet they lived.

By these subtle arts, Set ensnared many for a time. Yet, Afu Ra, seated high atop the Boat of the Gods, spied the Magic of Set from afar before passing the Sixth Gate. And perceiving also the heart and mind of Osiris in the grim judgment of Sar, Afu Ra bade the Twelve Singers of the Fifth Station to sing the Thoughts of Osiris in lieu of the Praises of Afu Ra. Thereby the Six Sheaves of Papyrus were joined together, retying the Cord of Measuring and reuniting the Twelve Gods of the Cord. So it was that the Magic of Set was contained, though, cloaked by the Shadow beyond the Sixth Gate, he knew it not.

But in the World of Men, there were still those who followed the Way of Set, believing that He could sustain them throughout eternity. Afu Ra, perceiving the folly of men, has given the Speakers of Falsehood another path which, if it is trod faithfully, enables them to pass the Twelve Gods of the Cord and come before Sar and receive the blessing of Osiris. Here then is the Way of Afu Ra:

Gather Twelve Celebrants and let them come to my temple with a single stalk of Papyrus. Give this unto my priest as the Celebrants sing the Song of the Twelve Singers of the Fifth Station of the Taut. Speak five truths as my priest parts the Papyrus five times, creating my six tokens, each equal and identical to the others. Take my tokens and build of them four perfect and identical triangles, singing the prayers of the Four Stations of Life: Birth, Manhood, Marriage, Death. From One Stalk, Six Tokens; from Six Tokens, the Four Stations; from the Four Stations, One Life. Perceive the truth of my tokens and know the Snare of Set.

To better visualize the answer to this riddle, use six tooth picks or wooden matches and arrange them form four identical triangles. Done correctly, there is nothing left over.

If you would like the answer to the riddle and hear the council of Afu Ra, send me an EMail and all will be revealed.