Widely separated bosses on a vessel from Il Lokeridede.


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Bossed vessel with internal decoration from Il Lokeridede.

"Bossed" Ceramics from Il Lokeridede
white bar = 1 cm.
Sherds with internal decoration as pictured.

  Bossing refers to designs, usually circular or diamond-shaped, that stand alone or are used as the nucleus around which the main design structure of the vessel is organized. Oven, these designs are centered on physical bosses that are punched outward from the surface of the vessel. Only a small percentage of Nderit vessels have bosses, but they stand out from the crowd when you find them.

  This vessel has diamond shaped bosses on the exterior executed in stylus imbrication, while the interior has a rim verge and pendent design executed using a comb stamp.

  The vessel was burnished and self slipped prior to decoration, which occurred when the clay body was quite pliable. The red area is probably an oxidation flare acquired during the firing.

Bossed vessel with internal decoration from Il Lokeridede.    

Sherd with internal decoration from Il Lokeridede.

  Although the rim on this sherd looks very curved on the exterior, the surface of the sherd is virtually flat. So the rim must be bending downward, probably on the left, where the rim verge design of lapped imbrications is becoming wider. The vessel illustrated above is similar in these respects, so this sherd is shown here for comparison. I may well not be from a bossed vessel.

Sherd with internal decoration from Il Lokeridede.  
  The interior design is vertically oriented pocked evulsions made by pulling the implement upward towards the rim.

Diamond and circular bosses on sherd from Il Lokeridede

  Diamond-shaped and circular boses using lapped and imbricated stylus impressions on a background of grooves. Vessel appears slipped but not burnished.

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