Looking southeast from Il Lokeridede to Koobi Fora Ridge


Notes on the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site

Sandstone Pillars on the mount at Il Lokeridede.


  Typical profile near the edge of the mound. Sterile sand is overlain by a beach layer, which is overlain by a course rubble layer that contains sherds and other artefacts.

Reconstructed pillar at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Closer to the center of the mound, the rubble layer is considerably thicker and pits are frequently encountered. In this case, we are at the edge of a large pit that is dipping away from us on the right side of the profile. At the left hand edge of the profile another pit punches through the beach into the sands below.

Pillar fragments at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Here, we have a more complex story. It appears that a channel was eroded and filled with a deposit capped by a lens fine pea gravel, shells and shell fragments, possibly associated with beach formaton at the site. Apit filled with large slabs of sandstone intrudes into the channel and underlying sands. This pit contains cultural materials.

Pillars at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Sherds in situ resting on the divide between two pits.

Small shaped piller at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  When we pull back a bit, we can see that these sherds are associated with the base of the rubble that fills the pit to the right. An older pit plunged down on the left side of the profile and there may be yet a thrid, shallower pit intruded into this one, but the definitive evidence is in the unexcavated pit to the left.

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