Looking southeast from Il Lokeridede to Koobi Fora Ridge


Notes on the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site

Sandstone Pillars on the mount at Il Lokeridede.


  The person taking notes is seated just beyond the edge of the low mound at Il Lokeridede. Several fallen pillars have been reconstructed in the foreground.

  The light colored soil that is relatively free of small sandstone blocks marks the extend of the mound, about a quarter of which is seen in this photo.

Reconstructed pillar at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Close-up of one of the reconstructed pillars seen in the photograph above. This is the top portion of a pillar; the base, at the right, appears to be broken away. This pillar is unusually narrow; most are at least twice as wide.

Pillar fragments at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Typical broad pillar. This is the far pillar seen in the first photograph on this page.

Pillars at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  An unusually broad sandstone pillar in the immediate foreground with a smaller, possibly shaped pillar immediately behind.

Small shaped piller at the Il Lokeridede Pillar Site.

  Close-up of the small pillar seen in the photo above. This pillar may have been shaped and rounded at the top, though weathering and a thick layer of carbonate make it difficult to be certain. Notice the small white pebbles on the surface of the ground. These are mostly bits of sandstone that have been rolled in a beach and enveloped by algal stromatolites. They have been brought to the surface through the excavation of pits.

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