Notes on the Lothagam Pillar Site

Looking west with curbed platforms in foreground.


Looking west with curbed platforms in the foreground and the collared platform and pillars in the middle ground.

The curb in the foreground shows a platform of about 12 to 15 cm. at the curb.

Curb showing platform elevation.

Looking SSE across the curbed platforms.

Looking south-sourtheast from atop the sandstone wedge across the field of platforms with low curbs made of beach cobbles or high curbs of sandstone slabs. The two close-ups at the bottom of this page come from this photograph.

The 10 low platforms with cobble curbs are circular or oval in outline. Minimum diameters range from about 3.5 to 6 meters; maximum diameters from about 3.5 to 9 meters. The surfaces are gently domed or conical. Platform fill is beach gravel with a sprinkling of sandstone fragments.


Looking ESE over the field of platforms.

Looking east-southeast over the field of platforms with the northern terminus of the collar of the collared platform in the left foreground.

The larger slab-faced platform is just this side and to the right of the nearest figure.


Looking east across the northern portion of the platform field.

Looking east from the entrance pavement of the collared platform across the northern portion of the field of platforms. Killian Holland at left.

The three large cobbles just to theright of center, foreground, and be seen in the picture above, where they appear in the mid-foreground to the left of center.

Close-up of a curbed platform.

Looking east-southeast. Close-up of the platform seen in the right middle-ground two pictures above. Note the slightly conical form of the platform surface, which obscures the curb on the far side.

Close-up of a curbed platform.

Enlargements from the photograph four pictures above.

Looking south-southwest at two of the medium-sized platforms with cobble curbs. These platforms in the northeast corner of the platform filed near the large slab-faced platform. The platform survaces are very gently convex. A considerable amount of sandstone has been used in the fill.


Close-up of a curbed platform.