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The Salish Geographic Setting

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Pacific Northwest showing the lands in the greater Puget Sound region and the northern Columbia Plateau that came to be occupied by groups speaking Salish languages.

The North Pacific circulation system [AKA the Japanese Current].

Pacific Northwest showing the chlorophyll content of coastal waters during the fall. This reflects the upwelling of nutrients, one of the reasons that the Northwest Coast has such abundant marine and intertidal resources.    Click on image to enlarge.

The original distribution of Pacific Salmon.

Salmon Species Diversity. 5 to 6 species in NWC rivers.

Cycles in salmon runs.

Upper right: Fish weir at Quamichan Village on the Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, c. 1866. Lower right: Tulalip smoking salmon, 1906. Below: Cooking salmon for a feast somewhere on the Mid-Columbia River.



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(right) Three-pronged salmon spear from Whiskey Dick Rock Shelter north of Vantage, WA. Bone components from 45KT28, a few miles north of Whiskey Dick. (below) Leister spear replica by archaeologist Martin Lominy (See Martin's work at Mayafiles).



Culture areas of North America as per A. L. Kroeber.    Click on image to enlarge.

The distribution of Salishan languages.    Click on image to enlarge.
Click here for a detailed list of Salishan languages.

Pacific Northwest showing a storm system that illustrates the rain shadow created by the Cascade Mountains.    Click on image to enlarge.

Columbia River Basin.

Winter Villages surrounding the Columbia Plateau.    Click on image to enlarge.

GIS of a winter village and it's resource catchment.    Click on image to enlarge.

Winter villages are reflected in archaeological site complexes.    Click on image to enlarge.

The Pine Tree Bar site complex.    Click on image to enlarge.

  Northern Plateau pit house construction plan.


Pit house replica.


Mat lodge from Double-House Site in Idaho.

Permanent and winter villages in the Puget Sound region.    Click on image to enlarge.

The fate of Old Man House.    Click on image to enlarge.

Visualization of Old Man House.

Quamichan Village, Vancouver Island, ca. 1866.

Longhouse interior, Neah Bay, ca. 1900.

Klalllam Great House at Port Townsend, May, 1859.    Click on image to enlarge.

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