Why Catholics Should Come to the Luthern Craft Festival
  Have you ever wondered what the immediate consequences were when Adam and Eve tasted of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? Of course you remember that they immediately became conscious of their nackeness and had an immediate wardrobe problem. This faux craft fair poster shows how God used this problem to begin teaching Adam and Eve church Latin while punishing them for their terriable sin. This is the origin of purgatorial angst. Come see why at the Luthern Craft Festival.

The Packard MC-008 - Hyperadvanced Transportation Technology in 1931
  Wonder what they are hiding in Area 51? In 1931, Packard began work on its Magic Carpet prototype, the MC-001. Due to its revolutionary technology, only one prototype was assembled and tested at a time. In 1938, it is believed that MC-008 (select link above), its plans and lead engineer, were impounded by the government for reasons of national security. How do we know? Packard was so confident of its new technology that it released a visualization of its operation in a 1931 advertising campaign.

The Coevolution of Lions, Monarch Butterflies and Elephants
  Here is revealed the astonishing story of how the Lion, King of Animals, came to be the champion of the Monarch, King of Butterflies, and how the Mighty Elephant really got its trunk. Yes, evolution is stranger than fiction.